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Honey route, something unique in Dajabón!

The Honey Route allows you to enjoy the natural beauties of the northwest region of the Dominican Republic, and to share with the localities and their ancestral customs, learn about the customs of their ancestors and learn about the production of honey while walking among the hives with the same people. of the community listening to their anecdotes.

The Honey Route is where you can visit the bees of Dajabón and buy directly at the source: raw honey and products made with it. For your safety, there is always a guide by your side who understands the behavior of bees. A protective hat is provided and smoke is constantly sprayed (to lull the bees to sleep without hurting them).

Summary of the experience: you are welcomed by a guide who explains the biodiversity of the region and the history of the apiary. He talks about the characteristics of pure honey and debunks some popular myths about it.

You will have to walk a few meters through the forest until you find many wooden boxes. They ask you not to be afraid and proceed to hand over the hive, so you have a chance to hold and observe it for a short time. If you want, you can open your hands to feel the tickling movements of a group of bees.

On the way back, some vendors with honey, soaps and candles, all locally made, await you. I suggest bringing some change because they only accept cash, so you contribute to the local economy and you will have the pleasure of tasting the best honey in the country.

Personal Perspectives: I was excited about going to an apiary, getting up close and even holding a hive in my own hands. As a bee lover this exceeded my expectations, and would certainly encourage anyone to plan a visit, especially if you care about nature and the environment.

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How to get to the Honey Route: CLICK HERE!

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