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Quita Espuela Knoll Scientific Reserve

The Quita Espuela Knoll Scientific Reserve is one of the most interesting, important and appreciated paradises and ecological areas in the Dominican Republic. The reserve covers some 72.5 km2 of the interior region of the country and stands out for being the birthplace of more than sixty rivers and for having the highest peak of the Cordillera Septentrional, from which the reserve takes its name, the Loma Quita Espuela summit, 985 m high.

This nature reserve is a true ecological jewel. Its exuberant cloud forest, enveloped by an almost permanent fog, and its ancient trees covered with lichens and moss, give it a tropical and wild appearance.

During your visit you can do multiple activities while enjoying the purest nature. The observation of plants and birds is one of the most popular practices in the reserve, as it has a great biodiversity of endemic flora and fauna.

You can also taste Creole food in the restaurant that is inside and even stay at the Don Lulú ranch, which is a small farm run by a family that lives in the reserve and that provides accommodation for visitors.

Another attraction is the two trails that can be followed to get to know the interior of the park. The path of the Clouds takes the visitor to the top of Loma Quita Espuela, and, although it should be noted that it is a hard route, the effort is worth it, because, once up, the views offered by the top of the Cibao valley are amazing. The other path is that of Montecito Don Sorón, and in it you will enter the leafy forest and you will be able to bathe in the crystal clear waters of the nascent rivers and in
the natural spas formed there.

This Scientific Reserve was created by Decree No. 82 of 1992 and is under the trust of the Loma Quita Espuela Foundation (FLQE). The terms of the aforementioned decree were ratified by Law 64-00 on the Environment and Natural Resources.

The reserve is accessible to visitors only up to the buffer zone and is reached by three main local roads, these are: one from San Francisco de Macorís to Rancho Abajo, which is semi-paved until Planación; another comes from San Francisco to La Bajada, which is paved to Cuevas and the third road is entering through La Peña to reach Ramonal and from there to La Bajada.

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