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Esmeralda Beach, a coastal paradise in Miches!

Esmeralda Beach or Esmeralda Coast Beach is one of the few impeccable paradises that the entire Caribbean has, its exuberant nature is something wonderful, although it is not in the best conditions, it is a spectacular place to meditate and spend an excellent day.

Playa Esmeralda is one of the few virgin beaches away from the city of the Dominican Republic and with an exuberant nature, with good tourist development, this paradise is located in a little-known corner of the municipality of Miches, province of El Seibo, where one of its main attractions is the arrival of leatherback turtles.

The Esmeralda beach is an opportunity to develop tourism, since it conserves beautiful natural resources through its turquoise green waters, which is surrounded by wonderful vegetation and coconut trees, it is part of the coastal system located between the mouth of the Jovero River and to the Caño Celedonio, with an extension of almost ten kilometers of beachfront.

In this space, the most important hotel and real estate development of the destination of Miches is projected, with 3,500 rooms and 1,600 residential units, due to the fact that the beach is not well known, the accesses to reach it, currently it is not in its best conditions, but That doesn’t take away from how attractive she is.

The roads are only small indirect paths to reach this beautiful place, the truth is that it is worth experiencing and learning about this wonderful place, these are things that are worth living.

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How to get to Esmeralda Beach: