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Cave of Saint Francis of Assisi

The Cave of Saint Francis of Assisi is spectacular and it is mandatory when you visit Elías Piña you cannot miss going to the municipality of Bánica, the oldest in the province, founded in 1504 and refounded in 1691 by 49 families from of the Canary Islands.

The geography of Bánica is home to the Cueva de San Francisco de Asís, located more than 40 kilometers from the main municipality, Comendador, and about 600 meters from the town.

The cave is visited every day by dozens of people who go to the place to keep promises and pray in front of Saint Francis of Assisi, but on October 4 of each year thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the country meet there. to celebrate the feast of the saint, lover and defender of nature.

Between songs and prayers, that day the pilgrims carry out a procession that goes from the Paz y Bien parish to the Cerro San Francisco de Asís, and as a way of worshiping the saint, many dress in a dark brown mantle and carry stones. in the head.

Upon arrival at the Cerro you can also contemplate the mountainous beauty that concentrates the border province, it is an exceptional place in terms of knowledge and things that we still do not know, in the cave you will see impressive things.

The Cave in the field of religious tradition, the one in the municipality of Bánica is one of the most important in the Dominican Republic: Formerly on a hill with little more than six hundred meters of height which has a cave of considerable dimensions, a temple consecrated to venerate worship.

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