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Bávaro Beach, one of the most beautiful in the world!

Bávaro Beach is one of the three most beautiful beaches in the world declared by UNESCO, it is also the longest in the Dominican Republic with white sands combined with crystal clear turquoise waters, which envelops your sight and your being to offer you the best stay of your lifetime.

The world famous Bávaro beach, often grouped in the general reference range of “Punta Cana”, is among the longest white sand beaches in the Caribbean, has an outstanding hotel and leisure expansion thanks to its high level of tourism. high.

Stretching 48 kilometers and surrounded by coral reefs, it is the most developed area of ​​the Punta Cana resort area. Beach hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops spread out in front of the beach.

If you have ever dreamed of crystal clear waters, fine white sand and a landscape full of palm trees, then you have dreamed of this paradisiacal beach located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Most of this beach can be walked, and thanks to its calm and turquoise waters, it is ideal for water and beach activities such as parasailing, speed boating or catamaran sailing.

Part of what is known as the Costa del Coco has been thought, mainly, to cover all the needs and whims of visitors, so the only thing tourists have to do here is relax.

Bávaro Beach along with other nearby beaches, are part of what is called the Coco Coast, it extends uninterruptedly along 40 km of white sand, and also the climate is tropical throughout the year.

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How to get to Bávaro Beach: