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Caribbean Lake Park, a park full of Adventures!

Caribbean Lake Park, a spectacular place where you can enjoy an exciting, family and fun environment with activities such as wakeboarding, floating circuit, zip lines, flyboard, water blod, pool and lounge areas. Everything to live unforgettable moments with your family and friends in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

If you choose the activity pass at Caribbean Lake Park you can visit our Tibetan bridge, a floating circuit, zip lines, drag donut, flyboard and many more activities that will make you spend an unforgettable day, full of laughter, fun and adrenaline.

Wakeboard in Caribean Lake Park, grab the stick, jump into our Caribbean waters and enjoy the easiest board sport in the world. No matter your level, we have everything you need to live an unforgettable wakeboarding experience at Caribbean Lake Park.

Among all the wonderful options it offers are:

Full Size Cable: If you are a raider with some experience, come and enjoy our full size wakeboard cable. Turning clockwise, with good edges for
easy output and endless incredible modules. We put everything at your disposal so that you can show your skills as a raider and enjoy like never before.

Little Lake 2.0: With a straight line ride on our Little Lake. We put everything at your disposal so that you can show your skills as a raider and enjoy like never before.

One to one Wakeboard classes: In an independent lake and on an exclusive cable for you, one of our best wakeboard teachers will teach you all the steps so that
enjoy this sport. We guarantee that, after a private class with our staff, you will be able to stand on the board and navigate.

Donut Ride: Have a great time with your friends trying to resist against the wind and speed in the donut ride. You will be towed at full speed by our cable,
giving twists and skids of infarction. An experience you won’t want to end.

Zip Line: If you like adrenaline, you won’t be able to say no to this activity. Launch yourself from a tower over 10 meters high and slide over our spectacular
Lake of Caribbean waters of more than 200 meters. End this experience with a refreshing dip.

Paddle Board: Tour our beautiful lake at your own pace, enjoying the peace that the rolling water will give you, while you closely observe the rest of the waves on your board.
activities that take place in that lake. The rental includes the Stand Up Paddle board, a paddle, a safety vest and the basic tips necessary to
learn to handle it.

Hi and Low Zipline: Hold on tight and slide from 10 meters high over our deep water lake, resist as long as you can and end up giving yourself a refreshing
dip by letting yourself fall into the water from the height that you most want.

Wakeboard: We declare our undying love for this sport. It is one of the easiest drag sports in the world to learn and contains high doses of adrenaline, fun
and overcoming. Grab the pole and let yourself be carried away by our state-of-the-art cable.

Kneeboard: The fastest and most fun way to have a first contact with our cable. Get on your knees and, just like on a sled, cross our lake by going through our circuit in the water. As soon as you touch the water for the first time, a smile will appear on your face. Get ready to enjoy like a child.

Cable Ski: If you’re more into staying upright, water skiing is your thing. Put on your skis, grab the pole and feel like a professional crossing our lake doing slalom between our obstacles. Undoubtedly a fun and exciting sport.

Beach and Pool: Being able to sunbathe, relax and enjoy the spectacular 3-level infinity pool at Caribbean Lake Park is part of the experience we offer. And when you feel like stretching out a bit, we put at your disposal some magnificent beach volleyball and foot-volleyball courts to show off your skills with the ball.

Fly Board: Enjoy a unique and exciting experience and feel capable of flying with this activity full of fun and adrenaline.

It also has an exquisite restaurant called BATÚ, a fun and unexpected mix of world cuisine classics combined with Caribbean flavor. Our dishes and cocktails have been created with an experimental vision that awakens your palate to a game of flavors.

Our restaurant is located in a paradisiacal environment in the Dominican Republic with spectacular views and delicious and elaborate cuisine. It will allow you to regain strength in the best way possible to continue enjoying our facilities.

The best parties in the Caribbean, in a unique and exclusive location, create an unforgettable experience that is Maroca. Dare to enter the cave of the mythical guardian Maroca el and enjoy the adrenaline of a nightclub in the exotic atmosphere of a Caribbean cenote.

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How to get to Caribbean Lake Park: CLICK HERE!