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La Catalinita, an impressive little island!

La Catalinita is a tropical paradise with great attractions, it should be noted that it is the smallest of the islands just off the coast of Bayahibe, Catalinita is located in the Catuano Channel in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic.

It is popular for its crystal clear waters throughout the year, as well as for its richness in corals and abundant marine life. Eagle rays, sharks and turtles are just a few of the species found in these shallow waters.

It is also part of the Cotubanamá National Park and you can combine a visit with a diving excursion to Saona Island, it is a virgin place where unexplored nature and its great diversity of beautiful fish and its crystal clear turquoise waters stand out.

La Catalinita is ideal for diving on the wild island, it is located in the Catuano channel, which is the channel that separates its peninsular area (in the extreme southeast of the country) with the Catuano Beach of Isla Saona, on the coast of the park. Eastern National, in La Romana.

This small uninhabited island is visited every day by tourists who seek in its crystal clear waters the opportunity to observe its abundant marine life and the purity of its waters.

This small island or islet in the Dominican Republic is ideal to go on excursions with family, friends or alone with other visitors and so you can take a break from the monotony and experience an unprecedented day.

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How to get to La Catalinita: