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The stalls – Cap Cana, a beautiful equestrian city!

The stalls – Cap Cana is the center where the fascination for horses goes beyond recognizing their high intelligence and beauty, we come to emotionally connect with them, creating a bond that goes beyond sport, located in Punta Cana.

Blue skies, green pastures and the incomparable sound of galloping. Los Establos, Ciudad Ecuestre, is the first project of its kind in the Dominican Republic, which brings together the most varied equestrian disciplines, such as Jumping, Polo, Paso Fino, Racing, Dressage, Reining, Enduro, Cross Country, together with its areas of training, training, recreation, health and care of the animal. It is emerging as the largest and most complete Equestrian Center in the Caribbean and Latin America.

It is already considered a unique project worldwide, a point of reference and an icon worldwide in the equestrian field, with the international standards and protocols required for the practice of the different disciplines.

The stalls – Cap Cana is a space created to please you, including numerous and diverse activities for the whole family, this space stands out for its comfort, style and attention.

Considered the favorite place for nature lovers.

Equine Pension

Equestrian facilities within Los Establos are a high priority. The care and safety of horses is one of the essential aspects and in this sense, we comply with the health and environmental regulations and responsibilities of the equestrian communities.

The Stables

Los Establos has 250 stables, 80 in the Equestrian Club and the rest distributed between the Polo Center, Paso Fino and the Race Horse Breeding Center. In accordance with international standards, each stable is approximately 4mt in size. x 4mt., with double height ceiling, to facilitate ventilation.

For its construction, instead of concrete, a special wood with very noble characteristics was used, which allows the environment to be kept fresh, while being very resistant to climatic changes, high temperatures, humidity, animal urine, blows, and to the equine species itself.

There are destinations where horse shows become interesting attractions for their inhabitants. The animal elegance together with the landscapes make these encounters true pleasures for the fan of the horse world.

Between the blue sky, the greenery of nature and the unique sound of galloping, horse lovers will be able to enjoy special rides in a ride that has been created through 5 kilometers, together with the beautiful landscaping areas defined by the wide spaces of green grass, connected by trails and wild green areas.

The stables have rubber floors and quilts in the center to avoid any type of impact on the joints of the horses when walking. It also has large fans to permanently cool the area and minimize heat. Each stable has its own drainage, automatic drinkers and 24/7 surveillance.

Lockers available to store articles and equipment of the horses. Regarding the custody and care of the animals, the stables are equipped with sleeping areas for the lodging of the petiseros, who are in the care of the equines 24 hours a day.

Veterinary Clinic

We have a veterinary clinic with a first-class operating room. We work with professionals specialized in the different branches of equine medicine, offering greater security to breeders and owners of horses, whose horses are of great value, both for their breed and for their economic value.

The veterinary medical team at Los Establos is ready to respond to any emergency that animals have, from sports medicine, internal medicine, laboratories, surgeries, periodic check-ups, assistance for their reproduction to sports training.

Equine Quarantine

Located about 3 kilometers from the Club House, and about 10 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport, the equine quarantine area within Los Establos houses the horses that arrive at the project from other countries, and need to previously go through this process. according to national health regulations.

This totally private space houses some 50-60 cages, individual for each horse, monitored by personnel from the General Directorate of Livestock, in addition to the Los Establos team.


  • Equestrian Store (Gallop Tack Store).
  • Conference Room.
  • Smoking Room, to enjoy an excellent cigar accompanied by the drink of your choice.
  • Private Hall for Events.
  • Family Restaurant. To taste a delicious coffee or exquisite dishes in our family restaurants.
  • Restaurant Grill.
  • Game Room.
  • Spa, showers and bathrooms.
  • Children’s Play Area.
  • Nursing.
  • Equestrian Club
  • 250 stables.
  • Equine quarantine.
  • Veterinary Clinic with Operating Room.
  • Polo Club with a polo field and a practice field.
  • Infrastructure for staff accommodation.
  • 2 grass polo fields.
  • Polo School.
  • Riding School.
  • 3 sand jump tracks.
  • 1 covered court of 50 x 80m heated.
  • 1 jump track on grass.
  • 1 training track.
  • 1 sand polo field.
  • 1 pool for horses.
  • 1 race track for formation and training, 1000 meters long and starting gates.
  • Facilities for Paso Fino horses
  • Equestrian trails for horseback riding and walks.


  • Weddings
  • Birthday
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Classes
  • Jump
  • Training / Dressage

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