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Cofresí Beach, the best place to relax!

Cofresí Beach is a beach with golden sand and calm waters, it is the ideal place to swim and relax in the shade of the palm trees. Here you will find a few excellent resorts and restaurants, belonging to the Province of Puerto Plata.

The Beach is located about eight kilometers west of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. But it is worth mentioning that Puerto Plata has some remarkable singularities, the first being that it is the most important city on the north coast of the country.

Cofresí beach is the perfect place to relax under the Caribbean sun, the beach is bathed by the beautiful waters of Cofresí bay, both are known by all Dominicans for hosting pirate stories from the colonial era, such as that of the pirate Cofresí , for which the beach received this name.

It has perfect conditions to carry out an infinity of activities, among them those that stand out are water sports such as diving or snorkeling. Although the star of the beach is the water theme park, where you can spend a fun day among its different attractions.

In addition to being an incredibly beautiful place to sunbathe and relax, its waters offer great possibilities for bodysurfing and boggie boarding due to its choppy waves.

Apart from the attraction represented by the beauty of this cove of crystal clear waters sheltered by an area of ​​beautiful coconut trees, it gives you that unthinkable peace where you relieve the stress of daily monotony and renew yourself in a sublime way.

This wonderful place in the north of the country is as wonderful for its beauty as it is for the people who reside and visit it, it is a wonderful paradise.

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How to get to Cofresí Beach: