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Costambar Beach, a perfect environment!

Costambar Beach is a beautiful beach of golden yellowish sand that stretches for at least two kilometers, is an easy walk and offers an ideal escape during the day thanks to its many restaurants and bars along the coast located in Puerto Plata.

Its beauty is its main attraction and despite the waves, swimming in these turquoise waters is perfectly safe, you will find a variety of condominiums and rental houses, if you feel like spending the night.

It is considered one of the 5 best beaches in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and is located in the town of the same name Costambar, just past the main city of San Felipe.

It has a beautiful landscape with golden sands, tropical trees and extensive reef areas that are home to many marine species such as manatees, turtles, octopuses, tangs, rays, angel fish, log fish, flounder, eels and barracuda.

It also has butterfly fish, parrot fish, seahorses, snapper and many more. This beautiful beach has many restaurants to choose from, many entertainment venues are located on the beachfront and directly serve the sun lounger or rest chair areas.

Costambar offers many amenities for its visitors, such as its own 9-hole golf course (Los Mangos), built around a community of villas; includes clubhouse, gym, restaurant and spa. Other tours available in Costambar are ATVs and buggies, snorkeling, diving, deep sea sport fishing, horseback riding, zip line, Puerto Plata city tour.

Undoubtedly, it is the right place to vacation or simply relieve stress by having a dream day for all the things you will find and that after knowing it, you will surely become a recurring visitor to this beautiful beach.

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