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Dominican Amber Museum, Puerto Plata!

The Dominican Amber Museum is located in the center of the city of Puerto Plata, in a Victorian-style house, where it has on display on several floors some of the most impressive stones of Dominican amber, including samples containing animal fossils.

The museum has a room designed as a cave, you can see in the foreground stones that contain a lizard of almost 43 centimeters, a scorpion, a centipede, a nest of wasps, and two beetles mating, all of which date from 15 to 20 million years ago. years.

It should be noted that in the famous movie Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg, amber from Puerto Plata was used to characterize the animals seen in the film, there are also amber stones with butterflies and flowers.

This historical monument was founded in 1982, by the spouses Ada (Didi) Benelli and Aldo Costa, it exposes both the history and the samples of the most precious plant fossil on the planet, both from a scientific and aesthetic point of view, amber.

The format of this museum is supported by an attractive and didactic content, due to its shape and the ease with which the visitor goes through each of the departments, as well as how the old building and its neoclassical gallery on three sides fit into architectural art. that he represents.

The museum is located in La Villa Bentz on Calle Duarte no. 59 corner Emilio Prud’Homme, in the center of the attractive city of Puerto Plata, in an old reinforced concrete building formerly known as the white house and currently as the small palace.

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