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El Gallo Ecolodge, the perfect escape!

El Gallo Ecolodge is the perfect escape from the stresses and strains of our busy lives, it is a haven where you can sit and listen to the sounds of the countryside with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a great book, located in the Cupey community of The Province of Puerto Plata.

The project is an example of community and sustainable tourism. El Gallo Ecolodge produces its own ingredients and spices for its dishes, and everything else is obtained from suppliers in the Cupey area. It is a project that has a very positive impact and encourages other members of the community to be part of the offer.

Visitors think that the place offers an excellent stay, excellent service, if you want to know a great wonder in the center of the mountain, this is your best place, a lot of kindness, very personalized service, and what a beautiful project!, Very diverse, very good access, security for the whole family, a unique place.

It is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday party, family reunion, private meeting, dream weddings, business parties and baptisms, it is also the right paradise to fall in love with your love, it is so beautiful that you are hypnotized by so much beauty.

These events will be held in an outdoor room on top of the hill with panoramic views, it has the most beautiful cabins in the region, the pool has a fascinating history since it is natural waters, since it is a river that comes out of the mountains that was later designed and after years of quality work can have that beautiful appeal.

It has beautiful cabins to go with your partner and also cabins to go in groups with the healthiest and cleanest environment that few places have, El Gallo falls in love from the first moment you arrive and when you are there you do not want to leave because of its beautiful attractions.

It should be noted that the place has the largest variety of fruit crops with more than 150 varieties of citrus, making it the tourist complex with this peculiarity, the personalized attention of its owners put this beautiful place at the top in customer service.

During the personalized tour they emphasize the organic fertilizer for the cultivation that the complex of El Gallo has and the care of nature for being bio-friendly and ecological as the complex is called.

Regarding the cultivation of bananas, there are two most popular varieties of bananas, the edible and the non-edible, which are Musa Paradisiaca and Musa Cavendish, the area of ​​flowers and roses make the complex a contrast of unique colors and perfect to enchant the senses.

Everything that is used to eat and sell within the complex is part of the collaboration of the Cupey Community, contributing directly and indirectly to the economy of many people, its medicinal and aromatic plants adorn the nature of this paradise.

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