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Isabel de Torres Hill, a reserve in the heights!

Isabel de Torres Hill, is a scientific reserve with a natural beauty located in the northern part of the country that with its beautiful greenery and the look of love of the effigy of Christ the Redeemer with its open arms at the top of the city of San Felipe de Puerto Plata .

The place is a true charm for Dominicans and foreigners because as soon as you reach the top of that mountain, you can breathe freshness and well-being, but it is also an adventure for those who want to enjoy the harmony of the flora and fauna that there it is appreciated.

This scientific reserve was baptized with the name “Monte de Plata” by Admiral Christopher Columbus in the year 1503 and later during the colonization it was called Isabel de Torres in honor of Queen Isabella of Spain since the first time news appeared about his name was in the census of the island in the time of Osorio and after the depopulation of the north between 1605 and 1606.

The truth is that by 1737, the mountain that is characterized by its splendor and beauty was already called Isabel de Torres and today, in addition to being a place that attracts many onlookers for the beauty of its parks, known today with the name bridge-viewpoints, it is a national and international scientific research center, since it contains endemic trees of the region as well as birds.

The vegetation of said tourist-natural attraction corresponds to the subtropical low montane humid forest where there is an artificial park on the top of the mountain and among the characteristic species there are: Manacla (Prestoea montana), Aguacatillo (Persea caerulea); Abey Macho (Jacaranda coeruela), Mahogany (Swietenia mahogani), Copey (Clusia multiflora), Oak (Quercus robur), among others.

This 15 km² park has a magnificent natural beauty that makes it the most visited National Park in the northern region and a magnificent view from the heights where you can see the Province of Puerto Plata.

At the top of the place where you can ascend in your own vehicles or via cable car, you will find places where you can buy souvenirs of our culture and a restaurant with the best view of the place and a unique gastronomy that surrounds those who visit this monument.

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How to get to Isabel de Torres Hill: