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La Puntilla Amphitheater, a majestic place!

The La Puntilla Amphitheater is an impressive 2,062 square meter amphitheater with Greek architecture facing the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto Plata with capacity for 4,000 spectators, flanked by the San Felipe Fortress, and the green La Puntilla park.

It is the perfect setting for concerts, dance shows and other artistic events that are held here occasionally with the participation of Dominican and international artists.

La Puntilla is a place of high symbolic, historical and landscape value in Puerto Plata. The proposal was based on turning the park into a catalyst to raise the quality of the city’s urban space and turn this place into the perfect space for the best events in the country.

Its strategic position between the historic center, the boardwalk and the port make the park and the amphitheater of La Puntilla key elements. An urban architecture and landscape project sensitive to the pre-existence of the place is conceived, with the reuse of existing buildings and the incorporation of new cultural uses.

The La Puntilla Amphitheater is located in an area very close to the historic center of Puerto Plata. Due to its geographical condition, it enjoys privileged views towards the Amber Coast and towards the city and the mountains, especially from the lighthouse area, which is its highest point.

This interesting place is the center for many open-air concerts by many artists from all over the world with the best view of the Caribbean, for being positioned in front of the sea, that color contrast and the pure air that you breathe while you enjoy.

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