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Martinico River, beautiful place of Puerto Plata!

Martinico River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Puerto Plata and all its surroundings with great attractions that captivate the senses due to its exuberant vegetation and crystal clear waters, it is located in the Madre Vieja Community in Sosúa, Puerto Plata.

It is very visited by those who live in Madre Vieja and little known by the rest of the country. Also, if you visit this community, you can have access to the Yásica River spas. This river is easily accessible, it is right on the road.

Along the way we can enjoy its turquoise waters, inexhaustible landscapes and a totally virgin nature. To visit this place, you must do it as you wish alone as an adventurer and explorer or with guides from the same community to make the tour easier for you.

The province of Puerto Plata has innumerable rivers and beautiful beaches, but Rio Martinico is undoubtedly the best hidden paradise in this province, few people have heard of this place, for that reason we have dedicated ourselves to exploring that place and giving you this information about the beautiful river or stream.

The adventures and the exploration of new and beautiful places make life meaningful, to know more about this place you have to risk the adventure of the unknown and we assure you that it will be one of the best experiences you have ever lived.

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How to get to the Martinico River: