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Ocean World Adventure Park

Ocean World Adventure Park is to discover the largest artificial dolphin habitat in the world located in the Province of Puerto Plata, it is a must-see attraction for those who travel to the Dominican Republic.

With a full-day pass, you can snorkel in a tropical fish aquarium, learn more about marine mammals from trainers, feed tropical birds, and walk through a rainforest and see the Bird Exhibit and Iguana Habitat.

In the same way, the pass for the Water Park also includes access to some of the animal shows, it is the ideal place to have fun with the playful sea lions and the ability of the dolphins and feel the tension in the shark show.

Afterwards, relax on the dolphin beach and soak up the Caribbean sun, with seating for lunch and rest included in the package, this is your ticket into a world of marine adventure.

You may come into contact with a bottlenose dolphin in a waist-deep pool. In these interactive programs you will be able to pet and feed these friendly mammals, as well as play with them in a safe environment. If you want, you can even dance with them.

This interaction is fun and educational for visitors of all ages, and is the perfect plan for families with children who can’t swim, and the dolphin encounter program also includes a day pass to Ocean World Adventure Park, with all attractions and round-trip bus transportation to nearby hotels.

As the world’s largest man-made dolphin habitat, Ocean World is a must-see for all tourists to the Dominican Republic, and day pass visitors will have the opportunity to snorkel at the Tropical Reef Aquarium, visit the Pirate’s Pool , learn about marine mammals, feed exotic tropical birds.

Walk through a tropical forest and watch different shows of dolphins, sharks, sea lions and tropical birds.

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