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Sonador River, a unique beauty!

Sonador River is an incredible tributary with a unique beauty due to the purity of its waters and the intense greenness of its trees, which make the place a unique paradise, located in the Yásica community in Puerto Plata.

The river is a few minutes from the city of Puerto Plata, this beautiful experience is worth it, the journey to reach the river is a 5-minute walk, from the station to the river, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for your comfort .

The most beautiful thing about this is that you have contact with nature, tranquility, security and cleanliness are something that make you fall in love with seeing all these attributes, you wrap yourself in the peace that it offers and that you only have left is to enjoy spending one of the best day of their lives.

It is ideal for the whole family, and if there is someone who does not like to walk, you will find services where they provide you with horse options to get on or off, or if they carry refrigerators with your things, they can also help you, beware, it costs something extra.

It is worth the experience for its unique attributes and because it is the ideal place to find yourself, meditate and take a good dip in its crystal clear waters, it has the peculiarity of being the cleanest and purest river in the country.

Flowing from the mountains on the outskirts of Cabarete, the Rio Sonador at Yásica offers a world of aquatic fun. Go tubing, kayaking, or paddle boarding, and explore its lush shores, excursions are offered year-round.

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How to get to the Sonador River: