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The Puerto Plata Cable Car

The Puerto Plata Cable Car is an emblematic attraction of the city of Puerto Plata, this peculiar transport has become a tourist emblem for the city, since it is one of the most famous and visited points of interest.

The cable car has the interesting function of going up to the popular Loma Isabel de Torres, an elevation to the south of Puerto Plata of about 800 meters high, on the trip you can enjoy and admire the beautiful views of the city and the coast.

Once you have ascended to Loma you will fall in love with the beautiful botanical gardens that surround the mountain, they offer the possibility of taking a pleasant walk, at the top of the hill, you will see an impressive Christ the Redeemer that receives the visitor with his arms outstretched.

At the top there is a thick forest with maps to go through it with native things of our culture where you will capture all that with very beautiful photos and videos, which will make this journey a unique experience.

You can admire this transportation tour with the beam walk, where from the heights you can see the best maritime view of Puerto Plata on the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, the garden it has is admirable and you will enjoy the impressive view of the area.

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How to get to the Puerto Plata Cable Car: