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Umbella Street, a picturesque street!

Umbella Street has a wonderful and very relaxed atmosphere, it has restaurants, bars, shops, an ice cream parlor, a cafe, and a picturesque bicycle area. Perfect to have a good time with your family, partner or friends, and also to capture that experience by taking beautiful photographs.

It is a small road that is very well decorated with umbrellas on the roof, it also has many posters, either small or large, for people to take photos and they also have some places for drinks, both foreign and native, among other things.

This interesting street has so many attractions that adorns the central part of the city of Puerto Plata, it is incredible all the things that can be done in the area, you can do it with your family, with your partner or if what you want is to know and explore alone , you can also do it.

Umbrella Street is located on San Felipe Street, in Puerto Plata, it is very close to the Central Park, this place being a very visited attraction for all the murals that this street has for the best photos for its art.

It was created with the aim of motivating residents of the city as well as national and international tourists to pursue their goals and dreams, encourage the culture of positivism and inspire them to live new vibes.

Umbrellas or parasols not only cover you from the rain or the sun’s rays, but also to attract everyone’s attention with their color and three-dimensional shape. Thus, they have become an attraction in the streets of some cities around the world and we in Puerto Plata are no exception.

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How to get to Umbrella Street: