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The Casabe Route, Monción – Flavor and Culture!

The Casabe Route is an initiative that arose with the need to encourage national and international consumers to visit the areas where this product is most produced, it is located in Monción, a municipality in the Province of Santiago Rodríguez.

The route that makes up this journey leaves from the municipality of Monción, passes through the province of Santiago Rodríguez and ends in the Cordillera Central, close to the aposento de Dios. Do not forget that the famous casabe that has accompanied the Dominicans since ancient times is prepared by peeling, washing, grating, drying and heating the yucca.

Casabe is a product derived from cassava, which is more than 500 years old and is made on our island. Consume it. For this reason and for its flavor it is our preference, La Ruta is to immerse yourself in the culture of the first inhabitants of our Quisqueya.

The Casabe Route is where you will live the Casabe experience, where you can make your casabe in Buren, in addition to learning about the entire casabe process in a small family factory. Savoring the casabe is connecting with our Taíno identity. It is the flavor of the cultivation of the land.

In addition to being able to enjoy that essence, it is also being able to connect with that ancestral and current culture of Casabe, magnificent views of the mountains and valleys, it is a humble and friendly town where you will experience unique and quality experiences.

The cassava that is prepared from cassava is considered one of the thinnest crisps, easy to digest and chew, very attractive attributes not only for kitchen experts, but also for ordinary people who always enjoy a good dish.

Lic. Ranilsa Medina Acosta highlights that Santiago Rodríguez is a province rich in nature, with great ecotourism potential that can be used for its development and improvement of the economy of its inhabitants.

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