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Morón Beach, history and beauty!

Morón Beach is among the most secluded and historic beaches, few make it to the golden beach, the journey is approximately six kilometers but rewarding for those who complete it when they see the long golden beach.

Playa Morón is located in the town of El Limón of Samaná, it is one of the most virgin areas of the Dominican Republic, it is one of the best kept secrets of this small country. This is a peninsula that has around 850 km2, it has a great contrast between very green hills and very white sands.

You will pass through plantations, fruit trees and rural roads until you reach the entrance to the beach, once there, you will find yourself in a lonely paradise with turquoise waters ideal for swimming.

Stay close to the shore as there are strong currents, while on the beach look out for the original 18th century French cannons used at the time by Napoleon’s army in 1802 when the French occupied this part of the island and they mounted their defense to try to crush the revolution of the African slaves in Haiti.

To get there, it is advisable to take a local guide, since it is not easy to get there and the roads are not in good condition. In spite of everything, the experience is unrepeatable because, once you arrive, the tropical jungle landscape that surrounds this beautiful virgin beach of fine white sand convinces the visitor that it is worth the trip.

Being away from any type of civilization, the beach has no services, although it does not have the problem of overcrowding of tourists, on this beach you can take spectacular photographs without anyone appearing in them.

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How to get to Morón Beach: