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Grande Waterfall, wonder of nature!

Grande Waterfall is the most attractive waterfall in the southern region, visited by national and foreign tourists, in the inventory of waterfalls in Azua there are 20 waterfalls, but Salto Grande, as its name defines it, is the king of waterfalls. waters, coming out of the mountainous eruption of the Cordillera Central.

Grande Waterfall is located in a wonderful place within the dry forest of the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó National Park and serves as a water source for the municipal district of Las Charcas, as well as for irrigation in agricultural cultivation and cattle and goat breeding in the area. .

In its surroundings a highly specialized biodiversity is concentrated, with latitudinal unevenness that combine with the magnificent views of the Ocoa Bay and Caracoles Beach, when you can focus your ears on the sound of the water on the rocks, then you will know that it is coming to the paradisiacal structure of water that begins to be sighted in its highest part.

It is a splendid, beautiful and glamorous setting and historical enclave with ecotourism interest in the Province of Azua de Compostela. It is nestled in a rock canyon, where vegetation is sparse, and the sun’s rays penetrate unhindered while enjoying its suspended ponds in the rocky area.

At the bottom of the canyon of rocks is the main attraction that is the waterfall, with several natural pools in ravines, with few shades, it is difficult to climb the high pools of the waterfall, paved with spacious water stone slabs.

There are enough spaces to observe the fall of the waters, which swirl between rocks and then fall with extraordinary speed to the final pool, very popular with tourists and parishioners.

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