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Ocoa Bay, great place in Azua!

Ocoa Bay is a wonder of Nature that has crystal clear waters, gray sand and the color of turquoise blue water, the environment is ideal for those seeking to relax the mind in a quiet and unique space, located in the Province of Azua.

Fishing is the way of survival for those who live around the Bay, so visitors can find a wide variety of fresh fish to eat during their visit and it is great to be able to experience this beautiful experience with its people and contribute to the local economy. .

The sunsets from this Bay are quite a spectacle because they are observed by the maritime horizon, which is rarely seen on the island because the west is always land, for this reason it is recommended to those who dare to know the place not leave until you contemplate a sunset in the Bay.

The Ocoa Bay is one of the natural treasures of the Dominican Republic, located in the province of Azua, starts in Palmar de Ocoa and extends for several kilometers of beaches, including Playa Caracoles, Playa Palmar de Ocoa, Playa Biyeya, among others.

The bay boasts of being in magnificent conditions, among which the cleanliness of its waters and its perfect currents that allow the practice of any water sport, such as big game fishing or diving, among others, stand out.

But, without a doubt, one of the aspects that makes it even more interesting is the marine ecosystem that populates it, where you can find a great diversity of marine and plant species.

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