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Las Marías Natural Monument

Las Marías Natural Monument or Las Marías Spa is the place most frequented by locals and visitors from other places in the municipality of Neyba, which has an area of ​​624 m2, with a depth that ranges between 0.5 and 4.5 m, and belongs to the Province of Bahoruco.

It has a beautiful view due to its crystal clear waters that come from the natural source of fresh water, both nearby residents and tourists decide to cool off in the fresh waters and enjoy the cozy and familiar atmosphere of the spa, and its beautiful surroundings covered with green tropical vegetation.

In the Las Marías Monument you will find a bar to taste the local gastronomy and dance to the music you want, or take advantage of the food stalls where you can try the famous tilapias, which is a tasty fish, something typical of the local gastronomy.

It is an oasis of freshness located in Neyba, it is located in a desert area which demonstrates the balance and perfection of mother nature, since in its cold and crystal clear waters locals and tourists can refresh their bodies with these imposing springs.

It is a spa with calm, cold and very refreshing waters, located on the road to Neyba, the capital city of this province. It is a place that totally contrasts with the surroundings, as this is a city characterized by its dry and desert environment.

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