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Sierra de Bahoruco National Park

Sierra de Bahoruco National Park is a paradise for nature lovers, with an area of ​​1,000 square kilometers and 70 kilometers of extension that expand through the provinces of Bahoruco, Barahona and Pedernales, this is one of the most valuable parks in the country. and is part of the UNESCO Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve.

The National Park is home to an impressive variety of forests, from dry to cloudy over 2,000 meters and Hispaniolan pine forests, as well as limestone sub-terrain. Here lives a great variety of flora and fauna, including at least 180 species of orchids of which 32 are endemic, rhinoceros iguanas and the solenodon of Hispaniola.

Birders flock to see more than 100 species along marked trails: Hispaniolan emerald, West Indian piculet, La Salle’s thrush, western and eastern chattering tanager, white-winged crossbill , the endangered Hispaniola parrot, the Hispaniola parakeet, the golden swallow, among others.

Temperatures are above 19°C in the mountainous area of ​​the Sierra de Bahoruco, so large that it extends to Haiti. There is a great variety of plant formations, ranging from dry forest at sea level to humid forest in the park center.

The vegetation has a scientific and botanical appeal. There are vast areas of pine forests and large broad-leaved trees (broad-leaved), samples of mixed forests and a great variety of orchids.

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How to get to the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park: