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Bird Cay, a spectacular attraction!

Bird Cay is an island surrounded by hundreds of mogotes, this key is a must stop for visitors, who come to see the attractions of Los Haitises National Park, in the Dominican Republic.

Hundreds of birds, some displaying particularities and large red chest bags, flutter over the bushes all the time. It is still not known why the birds of the Park prefer it, when they have more than 60 keys and mogotes to enjoy.

This wonderful mogote that can be seen in the center is the key of the birds, perhaps the most emblematic of those that rise in the marine area of ​​Los Haitises National Park. In fact, going around it slowly by boat is one of the must-do activities on a visit. to the place, from afar you can observe endemic, native and migratory birds that choose it for their reproduction.

Looking at the beautiful place with binoculars or high resolution cameras you can zoom in with the camera and you will be able to distinguish seagulls, cigua pelicans, earwigs, crows and many other little recognized and wonderful species.

Of all the birds found, the one that most attracts attention is the male Fregata magnificens, with a red-pink gular pouch that impresses the visitor and that, according to sources such as wiki, certain birds that have this type of distinctive pouches also they use them.

In addition to the courtship to amplify sounds and store food, it is important to note that this wonderful mogote is the home of choice for these beautiful birds and it is not yet known why, since more formations like this appear nearby.

Bird Cay is undoubtedly a paradise for great friends from other places, visitors will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience that when you do it will become the favorite place to meditate and unite with nature and its great attributes.

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How to get to Bird Cay: CLICK HERE!