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Cabo Cabrón National Park

The Cabo Cabrón National Park, a natural sanctuary full of charm that will take over you and that will form part of your long list of unforgettable memories of the Dominican Republic.

This incredible natural jewel is still, today, a great unknown for many of the visitors that this peninsula welcomes throughout the year, it is considered the smallest park in the entire Dominican Republic.

An enormous layer of limestone 600 meters high separates the tropical paths from the sea, forming infarct cliffs. If you are not afraid of heights, you will be able to marvel at the beautiful coastal scenery that will be discovered before you while you observe the impressive rock structures covered by exuberant vegetation that have been formed over time.

On the trails you can find fresh water springs, ideal to enjoy a stop along the way and observe one of the best preserved samples of the ancient Dominican Republic, wild territory and extreme beauty, far from the hand of man.

One of the treasures that Cabo Cabrón hides is the beautiful bay of Puerto Escondido, a small beach located in one of the nooks and crannies of the park where fishermen can be seen working in its crystal clear waters.

If you want to access this natural wonder, you can do it by boat from Las Galeras, come and discover the soul of Samaná in the Cabo Cabrón National Park and fall in love with the authentic Dominican essence bathed by an infinite tropical jungle and impressive cliffs.

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How to get to Cabo Cabrón National Park: