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Caño Frío, a wonder in Las Galeras!

Caño Frío is a beautiful paradise located in Las Galeras and ratified by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful attractions in the world.

Caño Frío is a small oasis with a very abundant flora and fauna that make the place a beautiful paradise, it is surrounded by mangroves and you can take the tour in boats and be able to enjoy the beauty of Nature.

The river makes a journey to flow its waters into the sea, creating a small beach that, even when joining with the sea water, maintains low temperatures, so the water turns out to be quite cold.

Being at the same level as the sea, the river joins the beach in a unique environment, which allows you to take a bath in both fresh and salt water, just a few steps away.

The turquoise blue water and white sands, with a spectacular landscape in the place are small food and beverage businesses run by the inhabitants of the area that offer sea food, such as fish and shellfish in its different preparations.

The main attraction of the area is to take a small boat tour through the waters of the Caño Frio River, where you can see the mangroves, the large trees and birds that inhabit this small natural habitat, on the other hand you can immerse yourself in its waters and watch the different species of fish.

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