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Devil’s Lagoon

The Devil’s Lagoon is a unique place that is located in a karstic cirque in the southeast of the community of El Rincón, towards the massive Loma Pilón de Azúcar, in a landscape of mogotes. Located between the mountains of Rincón in the area of ​​Las Galeras in Samaná, is the famous Laguna del Diablo; the only source of fresh water in the area.

These make up a very characteristic and typical area of ​​the peninsula, with small hills with steep slopes, and depressions that often result in Ciénegas, and besides being beautiful it is also de-stressing and relaxing.

Many theories surround the reason for the name and the truth is that there is very little information about it. One of the many theories tells that due to the depth of the Lagoon many species died as a result of suffocation and came to the surface giving a terrifying impression.

It is said that it is one of the most mysterious places in the entire area and it is not for less. The lagoon is not yet known depth and many myths and legends still circulate about why it is called that, it is also the right place to meditate, be quiet and take the stress out of your soul.

It is a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere and little known to rediscover yourself, it is only to contemplate its beauty because the water is very cloudy, it is a good spot to camp and enjoy the beauty of nature and all the attributes that has.

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