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Visita Dominicana

Dominican Tree House, beautiful houses in the trees!

Dominican Tree House Village is the place that many describe as a dream similar to a magical fairy tale. The Tree House Cabins are hidden in a tropical valley that is in the heart of an exotic Caribbean jungle, located in a valley in the Province of Samaná.

Rope bridges and jungle trails join the cabins so you can fully immerse yourself in the Caribbean experience. At Dominican Tree House Village, we emphasize fun, relaxation, and connection to the great outdoors. There are many activities you can choose from.

You can take a walk on the beach or visit the nearby town to meet the friendly people and taste the local cuisine. A favorite activity is to take a short bike ride to the beautiful El Valle beach. Pristine, secluded and unspoiled, this beach is a great start to a fabulous vacation getaway.

Our open-air design allows you to feel the breeze, listen to the birdsong and connect with the immense vitality of jungle life, completely free of mosquitoes, we invite you to walk the winding paths, swim in the lagoon and relax. by the fireplace at sunset. Break free from the busy world and embark on an adventure vacation unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Dominican Tree House Resort has created a place like no other you have seen before. Our accommodations are elevated above the ground in tree houses. Rope bridges and winding paths connect the treehouse cabins to secluded lagoons and pools.

Our open-air design allows you to immerse yourself in your surroundings with the gentle breeze caressing your skin and the sound of leaves whispering in your ear. It’s magical and it’s waiting for you. This place is even more impressive when you get there, there you can sleep in the most organic and natural way. We want to make sure everyone has plenty of space and comfort during their stay. For this reason we maintain a maximum capacity of 22 rooms or 54 people.

Choose one of our excursions: snorkel off a remote beach only accessible by boat, tan on a world-class Playa Rincón, ride a horse to El Limón waterfall, or zip-line over the jungle. Our tours (with the exception of the zip line) last almost a full day, so expect to enjoy a lot of nature and culture.

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