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Estillero Bay

Estillero Bay has a beach of very fine coral sand, but due to the sediments carried by the pipes and the fact that it is a body of water closed by a coral bar, the color of the sand is greyish, located in Las Terrenas in Samaná .

The sea is always calm in the bay and therefore it is an ideal place for families with children to enjoy, given the high level of safety of the beach area as there are practically no waves. There is a modern beachfront real estate development and a group of high-end single-family homes.

It offers a range of possibilities; an exotic culture, a space for adventure, a perfect setting of rivers, islets and mountains. This beach is originally known as Playa del Alemán, in honor of its deceased owner since the 1980s, even the name of the map and that it is identified is Estillero.

The reality is that none of the locals recognize that name but that of Alemán, however it is an interesting destination, the left strip is already privatized by some villas and for now the access is through the center of the beach.

Walking you can get to the right side to El Limón beach. Cream sand and hot waters, an incredible sunset can be witnessed there, you can capture it with super beautiful images and the tranquility that permeates you is something sublime.

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How to get to Estillero Bay: CLICK HERE!