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Frontón Beach, warm and beautiful waters!

Frontón Beach is a dream come true for those who want to get away from the world a bit and enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country thanks to the fact that, if you visit the place by boat, you can see the beauty of the corals from the same boat.

Frontón Beach is accessible by boat from Las Galeras, or by a much longer footpath, it is a popular stop for tourists that has a spectacular coastline, its bright and fine white sand is at the foot of a rocky cliff of 90 meters with a coast adorned by green coconut palms.

Popular for rock climbing and snorkeling, thanks to its turquoise waters full of sea urchins, Playa Frontón has been the location for recordings of the international series “Survivor”. You will see that with good reason, thanks to its beautiful beach and mysterious caves.

Typical of the paradisiacal beaches of Samaná, Frontón has crystal clear waters and white sand, but what sets it apart is that feeling of being in direct contact with nature, since it is considered by many to be a wild and isolated beach, which is far from of tourist crowds.

To get to Frontón Beach from our hotel it is necessary to take the road to Las Galeras, for approximately one hour and 45 minutes. It can then be accessed via a boat trip from Las Galeras, or via a walking trail through dense tropical forest.

During the tour, a stop is made in a very popular place for tourists, since the coast is at the foot of a 90-meter rocky cliff, from where you can see the entire blue panorama, which is delimited by the fine and white sand, adorned by a line of green coconut palms… Without a doubt, it is a tropical paradise.

In this paradise there is one of the largest coral reefs in the country, with an abundant variety of marine fauna a few centimeters from the shore, which is why it is considered a suitable place to practice snorkeling, in addition to the fact that the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.

For adventure lovers, the area has some caves that can be explored during a visit to the beach. It is also a good place for climbing, as you can access a 91m vertical descent.

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How to get to Frontón Beach: CLICK HERE!