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Hacienda Samana Bay, perfect to relax!

Hacienda Samana Bay is the only bay view hotel condominium concept built in the center of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. Due to its distinguished stepped structure, each unit allows residents and visitors to have a spectacular panoramic view. HSB Hotel & Residences is located at the foot of the Santa Barbara Pier.

The project has a contemporary feel. It includes comfortable oceanfront accommodations, many amenities, and a destination steeped in wildlife and marine life. HSB’s modern architecture blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings and the traditional style rooted in Santa Bárbara de Samaná.

Breathe in the spectacular ocean/bay views. Hacienda Samana Bay Hotel & Residences is open to fill your stay with peace and excitement! Our 60 modern rooms face the sea, they receive a lot of natural light and their simplicity is what will make your stay the most comfortable moment.

Important places of interest such as Cayacoa Beach, Cayo Vigía, the Whale Museum, the Pueblo Príncipe pedestrian mall and the Evangelical Church of San Pedro, also known as “La Churcha”, are within walking distance. The bay is located below the Samaná peninsula. It is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world.

This region is known for its incredible views of forested mountains and prized beaches with crystal clear waters that surround the entire peninsula. Come to Samaná to enjoy its beautiful, hospitable people and the variety of eco-tours that this picturesque tropical beach town has to offer. The best places in nature are calling to be explored. Come and discover the hidden secrets of Samaná.

This province is full of unforgettable experiences that you can live daily at your own pace, because in Samaná you set the limit. Samaná is famous for whale watching, living here you can enjoy nature in its purest form.

If you want to explore and learn, Samaná offers you a series of activities. Enjoy the tours, excursions and activities offered by the destination. You can choose between enjoying the sun on a quiet walk along the boardwalk, playing in the sand on one of the more than 20 beaches we offer, or choose to dive, walk, sail, take excursions to pre-Columbian caves, become an explorer.

In addition, Samaná is the perfect place to pamper your palate while you continue to learn more about the place, its authentic cuisine is closely linked to the enveloping history of this destination.

In Santa Barbara de Samaná you can go on a boat excursion to see the HUMPBACK WHALES that visit us from mid-January to mid-March. They arrive in the waters of Samaná to mate and spend the winter after having crossed the ocean.

The coastal area of ​​the Samaná peninsula has many places to practice SPORTS DIVING due to its coral landscapes, abundant marine fauna and precious rock formations that offer a beautiful marine spectacle. Considered one of the best places to practice sport diving in the Dominican Republic.

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