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La Boca del Diablo, an unique place!

La Boca del Diablo is one of the most impressive tourist attractions that you can find in the Samaná peninsula, since it is located on the beach with the same name, which is characterized by high rocks.

In these huge rock formations, visitors climb to see the landscape, but also to observe the natural phenomenon in which salt water, steam and a tremendous sound come out.

It is due to this phenomenon that this place has the name of the Devil’s Mouth, because at the bottom of this 30-meter-high rock, there is a large hole through which water and air enter, and looking for an exit, they find the great pressure exerted by the sea and carries that water and that air towards the top of the rock.

This is how at the end, that of the rock, you will be able to see the stream of water that has traveled from the beginning to show such an original show, but you can also enjoy the immensity of the blue sea and the large rocks, surrounded by green vegetation. , which gives it a very original look.

In addition to all this, the Boca del Diablo, is located in Las Galeras, it is a municipal district that depends on the municipality of Santa Barbará de Samaná, a town where you can find nightclubs, restaurants, shopping centers and a large number of places and visits where you can enjoy all the heat and flavor of the Dominican Republic.

When the sea is calm it is the wind that enters and makes a castling sound hence the name “devil’s mouth”, when the sea is rough it is the waves that rush towards the fault and form an impressive jet of water .

The more agitated the sea, the greater the jet of water, the pressure of the sea generates jets of water and foam, this place undoubtedly makes it the only one of its kind in the world, it is one of the unique and impressive places that we must to know

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