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La Playita Beach in Samaná

La Playita Beach is a lovely white sand beach, crescent shaped, shallow enough to walk several meters, off the beaten path, but only a ten minute walk from the heart of Las Galeras town.

It features seagrass in parts, but the tranquil setting, including a casual restaurant, as well as crystal-clear blue waters and distant views of Playa Rincón, quickly make it a favorite among those who come to its shores.

There are beach chairs and kayaks for rent, La Playita can be reached via a private wooden path from town, or by motorcycle via an access road off the main Las Galeras road.

This is one of the best-known tourist places in that country, due to the wonderful biodiversity it has, some of the visitors to the region say they have even had contact with manta rays.

In addition to enjoying the landscape that the sea offers us, there is nothing better than lying down and enjoying the sun in the hammocks located in the different points of the silver at a price of 100 pesos for each one and if you want an umbrella 100 pesos more, all this accompanying your afternoon with a typical drink of the region, we recommend doing this in the afternoon, to be able to enjoy an incomparable sunset.

The typical Dominican dishes are well known throughout the world and it is not for less, since they are well seasoned, many tourists, after spending a good time swimming and enjoying the beach, choose to taste these dishes at La Playita Restaurant, located on the same beach, they comment that the food is fascinating and unique.

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How to get to La Playita Beach: