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Punta Bonita, wonderful place!

Punta Bonita is the final part of La Playa Bonita and the characteristic of this Punta is the difference in the waves to be a corner of calm and transparent waters with a different maritime situation than other beaches where we find palm trees, coconuts and more natural coconuts scattered throughout the beach.

If we want to get to know Punta Bonita, and we go by car we will have to park at Playa Bonita, from there we will go to the left where we will find an impressive and narrow beach.

The only way to get there is by motorcycle or walking along a sandy path back and forth from where we will go greening an infinity of palm trees, some lying by the sea as if they were waiting for us to take a photo, with beautiful garden houses by the sea. surrounded by an immense mantle of palm trees creating an emotional well-being.

This paradise has incredible conditions, since its crystal clear waters are perfect for practicing water sports, such as surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving, among many others.

The wonderful and secluded natural beach, bordered by coconut palms 14 km long, is tempting for walks and bathing. Two coral reefs protect the beach from the impacts of large and destructive waves.

Punta Bonita and the sea are absolutely harmless to children, that is, it is ideal for the whole family, which makes it unique and beautiful for all ages and it is also beautiful.

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How to get to Punta Bonita: