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Visita Dominicana

Salt Lagoon, Samaná

Salt Lagoon is located within a large valley that is 1.5 km wide x 3 km long. A mountainous hill forms a semicircle on the east and south side of the valley: in the east with a height of about 100 meters, constituting a cliff attached to the lagoon, and in the south the mountains rise up to 200 meters.

The water is brackish, green in color and abundant with algae and aquatic plants. On the way to Laguna Salada it is an experience in itself, living this adventure is worth it, often mud and water cover your shoes almost to the knees when it is raining hard.

The red clay path was often very slippery from spray or small showers, La Laguna Salada is a lake and is located in Samaná, Dominican Republic, the estimated elevation of the land above sea level is 12 meters.

Along the way: Enjoying a wonderful walk through nature, seeing animals, observing hundreds of colorful butterflies, listening to the beautiful songs of birds in the miniature jungle and at the end of the walk an image of water between mountains are of the gifts that nature gives you in these places.

The Salt Lagoon, the backpacks are loaded with the “harvest” of: grapefruits, passion fruit (chinola), oranges, bananas, bananas, red beans, auyama, Molondrón! or a wonderful dinner consisting of root vegetables (cassava, yautia, mapuei, yams, with creole guinea hen or duck, chicken, or other times corn or homemade leaf cheese with fried plantains – all cooked in “carbon ” or charcoal in their small outdoor kitchens.

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How to get to Salt Lagoon: CLICK HERE!