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The Indian Tail Jump

The Indian Tail Jump is a beautiful, medium-sized waterfall that has a large pool at the foot of the waterfall. The popularity of Salto del Limón means that despite the beauty and interest of this site, the place has not been consolidated as a stopping point for excursions and tourists, which makes it perfect if you want a private place.

The Indian Tail Jump is located on one of the paths that lead to the Salto del Limón, it is little known because you have to separate a few meters from the official path to observe it. It is worth asking the guides and stopping to contemplate this secluded corner that offers a beautiful view of the waterfall falling over a pool of the river.

It is a very beautiful waterfall that has formed a large limestone lava flow on which the water precipitates in a medium-sized pool. Without a doubt, the most virgin and spectacular place that can be seen in the riverbeds of the El Limón area.

The waterfall appears in the middle of a completely virgin river and is located on a huge pool, the limestone deposits left by the river water over thousands of years, have formed a spectacular lava flow under which a shelter has been created that allows the visitor to get inside and see the water of the waterfall fall in front of him without getting wet.

This is one of those paradises that when you have the pleasure of exploring it you fall in love instantly, the people who have had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful place leave with the charm that permeated this beautiful place of nature.

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