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The Whales Beach

The Whales Beach is named after three rocks in the distance that resemble humpback whales, this spacious and wide white sand beach has a shallow and calm sea right in the heart of the small town of Las Terrenas.

Along the west end is where the river meets the sea and where you’ll see locals cooling off in the cool weather. The proximity of Las Ballenas to places to sleep and eat means that it is an ideal place for a swim in the morning or at sunset.

With hotels, villas, bars and restaurants on both sides of the beach, it offers a lot of shade and shallow water ideal for families. It is also a beach with a very long coastline, you can walk along a cobblestone path for almost half an hour and you will not have finished going through it completely.

The Whales Beach has white sands and calm turquoise blue waters, due to the coral reef that borders the coast, with warm temperatures almost all year round, it is one of the best and most visited beaches in Las Terrenas.

Along the western end is the mouth of the river and you will see locals cooling off in cold water. Being close to hotels and restaurants, Las Ballenas is also an ideal place for a quick swim in the morning or at sunset.

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