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Valley Beach

The Valley Beach is an incredibly beautiful place and is geographically the ‘mouth’ of the Valley. It is located in a gap of more than a kilometer between the coastal mountains. Here the Valley has access to the Atlantic Sea and the San Juan River flows into it. In the west, the Loma del Río rises with steep slopes up to 200 meters above sea level to the northwest.

In the east, the Loma Atravesada mountains begin up to several hundred meters above sea level. With its steep slopes of 300 meters they form almost a mountainous pediment that goes for more than two kilometers to the north. The Laguna Salada del Valle is also located here.

The 42-kilometer road north of Santa Bárbara de Samaná leads you to this golden sand beach that stretches 4 kilometers surrounded by a leafy valley, spectacular cliffs, decorated with fishermen’s boats.

It is a little visited beach, rustic and surrounded by shades of green and turquoise, which is the ideal place to escape from the masses. Stay close to shore when swimming as El Valle has strong currents, especially in the winter season. Even if you don’t swim, it’s a stunning place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Samaná Peninsula.

In the past, access to this beach was really complex, but thanks to the construction of a paved road that connects with the city, this problem was solved. You can spend a great day in an idyllic setting and, if you wish, you can even camp in this area. It offers a few restaurants and bars where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with dreamlike views.

The combination of the river and the beach make it ideal for when the sea is rough and there are too strong currents, since bathers can take advantage and take a dip in the river instead of giving up cooling off.

Its fine white sand invites visitors to take a walk with the refreshing touch of the water on their feet, while the shade of the tropical trees calls for rest after bathing.

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