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Duarte Peak, the most beautiful peak in the Caribbean!

Duarte Peak is the highest mountain in the Caribbean with 3,087 meters high and is the highest in Hispaniola and the Antilles as a whole with the most beautiful attraction at the top that falls in love with the senses since you arrive, even if the journey is for adventurers, and belongs to the San Juan de la Maguana Province.

It is embedded between two national parks, El Parque J. Armando Bermúdez and Parque Nacional José del Carmen Ramírez, and you can access it in excursions of two or three days, depending on the chosen route.

The most popular takes two days and is Jarabacoa-Manabao-La Ciénaga-Compartición-Valle de Lilís-Pico Duarte. All routes guarantee spectacular views of tropical, pine, mountain broadleaf and cloud forests. You must hire an official guide and mules for bags and food at your hotel or at the government camp in La Ciénaga, at the entrance of the José Armando Bermúdez National Park.

During the journey, you will spend the night in the official Compartición or Valle de Lilís campsites. The excursion requires a decent level of fitness and stamina; Come prepared with hiking boots and several layers of clothing for low temperatures.

Its peaks serve as a place of connection with nature in its purest state. They are spaces used for reflection, delight in its beauty and purity. Today we recognize with this brief article about Pico Duarte.

There are several routes to reach it, the shortest being the one that takes to the top, about 23 kilometers of walking, starting from Ciénega, La Vega province, to access Jarabacoa-Manabao to Ciénega, to continue until the Beak.

A second route of 37 kilometers of walking begins in La Vega Province, crossing Constanza – Los Rodríguez, followed by the Tetero Valley and then the Pico.

During the excursion, you will also have the opportunity to make friends, sit in front of the campfire to sing, tell the stories lived along the way, laugh at the complaints of a colleague, play parcheesi, cards or chess with your companions the best of all to see you next to the bust of Duarte and proud to take that photo, for history, evidence that you went up to that magical and unforgettable place.

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How to get to Duarte Peak: