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The Spas in San Juan de la Maguana

The Spas in San Juan de la Maguana are among the most striking and beautiful attractions in the country, the José del Carmen Ramírez National Park offers us the opportunity to visit the many spas that can be found in the rivers Yaque del Sur, San Juan, Los Baos, Millet, Vallejuelo and Maguana. In them, the fresh waters of the different rivers revive the spirit of the visitors who go to cool off there surrounded by the typical tropical environment of the area.

You can also find sulfurous springs where many people find relief from certain ailments. One of the best known is Orégano Grande, located about 35 km southeast of San Juan de Maguana.

Among the beautiful spas that the ¨Granero del Sur¨ or San Juan de la Maguana has are; Oregano Grande, Charco Slippery, La Caída Punta Caña, Maguana Arriba Waterfall, Charco don Felipe, in the Matas de Farfán; The three pailas in La Piña de Sabaneta, the Ingenito Sabaneta and La Resbalosa los Bancos and other places.

They are distributed throughout the territory but mainly in the mountainous areas of the center of the country. Some are easily accessible while others are hidden in lost places and accessible after an hour or more of walking. A paradise for lovers of nature and ecotourism.

Some resorts are very popular on weekends and holidays (not to mention Holy Week when Dominicans flock to the beaches, rivers and waterfalls) for Dominicans who come to enjoy a moment of freshness with family and friends. Very often they come to spend the day with food and drink.

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