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Camp David Ranch

Camp David Ranch is located in Gurabo on top of a mountain 2000 feet above sea level in the City of Santiago de los Caballeros.

It has a spectacular view of the Cibao Valley, the Central Mountain Range and the City of Santiago, it is ideal to share with friends, family or your partner for all the amenities they offer you and the comforts it has.

The majestic location where it is located offers romantic sunsets and exciting views of the city at night, perfect for a great dinner and a great glass of your favorite wine.

The Camp David restaurant is one of the most traditional in the city of Santiago with more than 30 years in the market with the best scores when it comes to dishes and delicacies prepared by experienced chefs.

From any location in this place you can appreciate impressive views while enjoying excellent cuisine with your family and friends. For Santiago, this is the restaurant where everyone who visits the city is taken so that they can appreciate Santiago from above.

It also has Hotel Camp David, which is located at 2,000 feet above sea level surrounded by impressive views of the Cibao Valley and the Northern Cordillera. The sound of birds and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets make this hotel a unique, paradisiacal and unforgettable place.

It also has the largest collection of classic luxury cars that were owned by former President the Dictator Rafael L. Trujillo M., with impressive stories where you can capture that experience with the most beautiful photos and videos you’ve ever had.

To carry out quality events and memorable moments, this complex is the ideal place for all enjoyments with the highest standards of tastes and demands.

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How to get to Camp David Ranch: