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The Tavera Dam, a vital tourist attraction!

The Tavera Dam is located in the province of Santiago de los Caballeros, to the south. It should be noted that this gravity dam on the Yaque del Norte River was the first of its kind built in the Dominican Republic.

The dam has a great economic impact due to the large number of tourists who visit it, which generates resources for the more than 70 fishermen, boat owners and restaurants.

Every tourist who visits the surroundings and can observe everything that it possesses leaves with a good impression. It has a children’s area, we also celebrate different events, such as weddings, birthdays, which benefits the entire population.

The reservoir has a capacity of 170,000,000 m3. It represented the first large reservoir built in the Dominican Republic and stimulated the construction of other dams in the country.

The Tavera Dam was designed for the production of hydroelectric energy, but it also supplies water for public consumption and agricultural irrigation in the Central Cibao. The water from the reservoir is directed to the hydroelectric power station located on the bank of the Bao River.

The restaurant has roundtrip boat transportation that travels 1.5 kilometers for a cost of RD$100, which are responsible for taking tourists from the dam to the other end where the restaurant is, which has the security of the agents of the Municipal Police, the Civil Defense and the Tavera guard.

It is an interesting place to appreciate for the adventurous journey that you will experience and the reviews of the attention and the delicious food are very well valued, this is the ideal place to relieve stress with a unique view and with few resources.

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How to get to the Tavera Dam: