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Boca Chica Beach, beautiful, interesting and Santo Domingo’s favorite!

Boca Chica Beach is considered the most interesting and main beach in the Dominican capital due to its proximity to Santo Domingo. With an extension of almost a kilometer and a half long, and a bright white sand.

This elapsed stretch is well protected by a large coral reef, and its shallow turquoise waters, no more than a meter deep, and often compared to a giant natural pool, make it a favorite spot for families. Annual sailing and beach volleyball tournaments are also held in Boca Chica.

The quintessential Boca Chica experience includes feasting on fresh seafood, from a row of fish fry huts, or at one of the many beachfront restaurants, with your toes buried in the sand.

The stretch of sand is also bordered by a variety of small and large hotels, mainly in the heart of town and in front of Boca Chica beach. On the eastern edge of town, you’ll find a handful of upscale beach clubs offering restaurants with oceanfront terraces from which you can swim.

Off the coast of Boca Chica, you’ll see La Matica, a mangrove cay that serves as a roost and nesting site for many species of birds, including herons. You will only have to swim a bit from the main beach to reach it.

Known as the city beach of Santo Domingo, Playa Boca Chica is located just 30 km east of the Dominican capital, located in the bay of San Andrés, in the Dominican Republic.

Discover this incredible beach of fine white sand where every weekend crowds of people come together looking for a splendid day at the beach in the refreshing tropical waters of the Caribbean. It is one of the most familiar beaches in the area, since the water is shallow and the bottom is sandy.

It is also a well-known beach where you can find street vendors offering everything from massages to seafood and necklaces, and there is also a wide variety of restaurants in the area where you can try the national cuisine.

It is also a great place to navigate the area and discover the beauty of the tropical coast of Santo Domingo from the sea. Just 400 m from the coast, a coral reef in the shape of a half circle runs along the beach, so the waters that reach the shore are very calm.

The reef covers the entire surface of the beach, constituting a giant natural pool of salt water, whose average depth is about one meter ten. The reef acts as a natural barrier and the waters are very calm.

In the background, behind the reef, you can see the dark blue of the Caribbean beyond, which contrasts with the clear blue and turquoise green waters of the “swimming pool”. It is the beach where the Dominican families of the city go.

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