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Houses of the XVI Boutique Hotel, unique and elegant accommodation in Santo Domingo!

Houses of the XVI Boutique Hotel is a unique collection of houses that represent a new concept in fine travel accommodations and the only hotel of its kind in Santo Domingo. In the beautiful Ciudad Colonial, individual houses are combined into a singular hotel where you can experience the best of the historic center while moving to the rhythm of an elegant and romantic era.

Houses of the XVI Boutique Hotel, Art-filled interiors, luxuriously comfortable guest suites, and inviting outdoor spaces create a refined yet relaxed home-away-from-home. Casas del XVI will renew the spirit and stir the soul long after your stay is over.

The meticulously restored Casas preserve authentic elements of their past combined with modern comfort and distinguished service. Come and experience timeless hospitality and elegance amid the luxurious rooms of this exclusive hotel.


Long ago, Old World explorers founded the city of Santo Domingo as the first permanent settlement in the New World. Today, in the historic district known as the Ciudad Colonial, a new discovery awaits the refined traveler: a unique hotel where old-world romance meets modern luxury and comfort, while providing privacy, seclusion, and the most high quality standards.



It represents the juxtaposition of ancient and modern structures that harmonize in the Colonial City.

The Casa del Pozo stands out: everything old is preserved and the new structures are modern, highlighting the value of its centuries-old foundations. The house features a dining room, six luxury bedrooms with a private bathroom each, and a central patio with an outdoor living room and pool. Maximum capacity of 16 people.

Architecture: An impressive colonial structure dating back to the 16th century located within the former grounds of the Dominican Order Convent.
Origin of the Name: Homage to the old well that was found in the courtyard.
Concept: A large city home where history and the present coexist in harmony.
Design: Opposite colours, black and white, are juxtaposed with surprising touches in other different hues. Wood and old plaster coexist in the different social areas and bedrooms.
Culture: Historical and architectural preservation.


Committed to the advancement of the arts and design in the Dominican Republic, Casa del Diseño is a tribute to the great fashion designers of this beautiful island
caribbean Upon opening its doors, you will be transported to the 16th century where elegance, comfort and privacy converge.

The house has two luxury bedrooms with private bathrooms, dining room, outdoor living room and dining room, large patio and terrace with private pool. maximum capacity of
6 persons.

Architecture: The house occupies a space within the ancient garden walls of the Convento de los Dominicos and houses an original arch dating from the 16th century. All its rooms lead to the large terrace and tropical patio with plunge pool.
Origin of the Name: A tribute to the greatest designers of the Dominican Republic.
Concept: Calm elegance, provides a sense of seclusion and privacy.
Design: Wash of neutral colors in the main areas and an interlocking mix of rich colors in the bedrooms, light fabrics and tropical touches are used in the designs made especially for this house.
Culture: Classical music, fine arts and design.


Celebrate the pleasures of nature in the city of Santo Domingo. Centuries ago Casa del Árbol was the house of the architect who carried out important restoration and civil works in the Colonial City. The original gray and white marble floors remain in the house reminding us of its former glory and its connection to the first Cathedral of the new world.

The house has four luxury bedrooms with private bathrooms, an outdoor living room and a dining room. All rooms open onto the quiet central courtyard where you can enjoy the beautiful song of tropical birds resting near or in the house’s lush mango tree. Maximum capacity of 10 people.

Architecture: A colonial jewel with a true Spanish interior patio surrounded by walkways and terraces.
Name Origin: Named for the mango tree in the patio.
Concept: It conveys the theme of the pineapple, a colonial symbol of hospitality.
Design: Eclectic spaces blend local artwork and contemporary furnishings, warm colors.
Culture: Nature, cigars and liquors, gentlemen’s sports.


It evokes travel, history and exploration. The original structure dates from the Spanish colonial era. Located on the grounds of the old Dominican Monastery, the successive uses and restorations have gradually transformed the house, exceeding its original state. Antique maps, plantation-style furniture, and richly patterned floor tiles create a tropical colonial vibe.

The house has three luxury bedrooms with private bathrooms, living and dining room, open kitchen, large patio and patio. Guests can enjoy its lush open courtyard and refreshing pool. Maximum capacity of 6 people.

Architecture: This home feels tropical throughout. The spacious, bright and colorful rooms reflect the 19th century and a large courtyard with a pool flanked by lush tropical vegetation.
Name Origin: A journey from the 16th century to the present day represented by the maps that adorn Hispaniola, the Colonial City and the Caribbean.
Concept: Nautical, colonial, tropical feeling.
Design: Rustic and refined; intricate rugs, handmade crafts, and modern paintings that evoke architecture from a distant past.
Culture: Historical exploration, the Colonial City.


Promotes the rich and magical Dominican folklore. Casa Macorís is located in one of the most charming places in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. The house was part of the historic Convento de los Dominicos, which still stands just a few steps away today. Here time passes serenely, marked by the ringing of the bells of the nearby churches.

The house has three luxury rooms with private bathrooms, a cozy and colorful living room, dining room, and a central garden with pool and patio. Maximum capacity of 6 people.

Architecture: This house is a set of beautifully decorated rooms that lead the guest from one space to another, from a living room to a dining room and living room, to two interior patios with a plunge pool .
Origin of the Name: Macorís is a word that resonates throughout the history of the island of Hispaniola and in the past and present of the Dominican Republic.
Concept: Honor Dominican history, heritage and identity.
Design: bright accent colors in all spaces, whether they are on the walls, furniture or decoration of the house; local modern art displayed throughout.
Culture: Dominican folklore, colors, art and music.


Honor the rich and magical cultures of the West Indies. Casa Antillana exudes a colonial Antillean design theme that celebrates the tropical atmosphere found in the Caribbean islands.

The home features three luxury ensuite bedrooms, outdoor living and dining areas, and a central garden anchored by a large beach grape tree and ornate plunge pool. Maximum capacity of 8 people.

Architecture: From the entrance we can anticipate what is inside. The door is an intense green and is framed by a white portico that respects the old colonial masonry. Upon crossing the threshold, everything is luminosity, the main room opens onto the interior garden through large white doors.
Origin of the name: Honors the Antillean culture
Concept: Tropical, Antillean colonial, main inspirations behind Patricia Reid’s majestic interiors at Casas del XVI.
Design: Plantation-style decor, white walls interspersed with touches of color, as well as natural materials, woods, embroidery, and tropical prints.
Culture: West Indian music, gastronomy, fashion, art, allegories.


A true testament to the splendor of another era. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the Casa de los Vitrales has intricate architectural details with an eclectic neoclassical style. Every detail of the house is an expression of pure elegance.

Behind the impressive façade, a magical space is hidden with charming rooms, a large patio and a patio perfect for all kinds of events and celebrations.

Architecture: The materials used were unique and modern for their time, creating an innovative and one-of-a-kind construction.
Origin Name: Inspired by the stained glass windows that are present throughout the house and filter the light with a delicate nuance.
Concept: A gem of a place, full of history and imposing personality. You need very little to make any celebration impressive.
Design: Whimsical rooms, intricate architectural details, and eclectic neoclassical styling. Every detail of the house is an expression of pure elegance.
Culture: Music, champagne, fashion and celebration.


Among the new experiences offered by Casas del XVI is the Connoisseurs Program. From a tour of museums in the Colonial City including the Alcázar de Colón by one of its curators, a dinner with classical music experts from the Sinfonía Foundation, or a private polo match, the Connoisseurs Program is designed to make the wishes of our guests come true.

Nights of Ancestral Flavors is a tribute to Dominican gastronomy, a personalized culinary experience, designed by Casas del XVI and inspired by the book Sabores Ancestrales published by the firm INICIA. This proposal arises to give relief to the value of Cultural heritage that fills us with very valuable and interesting information while you live unforgettable moments.

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