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Ariyama Strawberries, Flavor and Culture in Constanza!

Ariyama Strawberries, an ideal experience for the whole family due to its magical and wonderful nature, where you can have contact with nature, enjoy some delicious strawberries and appreciate its beautiful landscapes and rich climate.

Those who have had the opportunity to visit Fresas Ariyama, in Constanza, consider it a magical place. Upon arrival, you are greeted with a spectacular freshly picked strawberry tea. These strawberries are characterized by being super juicy, sweet and large, which attracts the attention of the public that visits the place.

In addition to enjoying its rich flavor, you can live the experience of picking strawberries in the greenhouse. This place has different spaces: a cozy wooden house, a garden and an area for tea. Depending on the time of year, you can appreciate different decorations.

In the charming room of the house you will find a fireplace to roast marshmallows. Strawberry picking is done with picturesque baskets. At the end of this magnificent experience, you will enjoy a delicious frozen strawberry juice. Here we tell you about the project.

How did Strawberries Ariyama come about?
It started from the hand of its owner, Senovia García, who is one of the few women farmers in Constanza. This place represented his private little ranch, where he worked and lovingly grew his strawberries. One day, with the help of his family, he decided to undertake this very special and welcoming project.

What do you offer in Strawberries Ariyama?
They sell various products related to strawberries, such as jams, punches and other products that will be launched, such as a delicious strawberry ice cream from chef Saverio, judge of Masterchef Dominican Republic. These ice creams will be elaborated with the delicious Ariyama Strawberries.

To reserve
Schedule your visit through its website, the price of admission is 500 pesos and includes a welcome drink and other tastings. Visitors are received by the hour and in small groups, always complying with the regulations of the place.

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How to get to Strawberries Ariyama: CLICK HERE!