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Glamping Ecolodge Cueva de Las Águilas, beauty and nature!

Glamping Ecolodge Cueva De Las Águilas is located 3.6 km from Bahía de las Águilas in Pedernales and features a solarium, massage and a spa center. You can benefit from a sun terrace, rooms for allergy sufferers and a wellness centre.

Guests can have breakfast in the restaurant each morning. De Bahía Doña Charo is 200 meters from the hotel. Glamping Ecolodge Cueva De Las Águilas also offers laundry, cleaning service and concierge service.

The Glamping Ecolodge Cueva De Las Águilas also has a game room, special food and a special menu for travelers with children. Guests can also enjoy snorkeling, diving and hiking.

Nearby you can do different activities, such as hiking or fishing. The property also organizes excursions to Bahía de las Águilas and Isla Beata.

However, in Pedernales, Dominican Republic, there is that ideal place that combines social distancing, security and comfort, which we so desire to enjoy time with your partner or family, safely.

With its natural adventurous charm, the Glamping Ecolodge Cueva De Las Águilas has won over domestic tourism, which has rewarded this ecotourism project with its loyalty in times of shortage of foreign tourism.

Located next to the Jaragua Park, a protected area, this eco-hotel ensures sufficient space and the necessary security measures to carry out excursions, hiking, the enjoyment of the interior of the park, the excursion to Bahía de Las Águilas, scuba diving , the bonfire, among other activities, where everyone enjoys their space and the environment.

This ecological and adventurous accommodation is specially designed for an experienced public, because it offers an all-inclusive experience. The tourist who travels to discover and learn about the options offered by the destinations themselves and that is why Soy Caribe Premium brings readers a special interview about this ecotourism accommodation.

Glamping Ecolodge Cueva De Las Águilas was a project that began more than 20 years ago with a fishmonger with a man named Santiago Rodríguez, who ran it. Over time, menus were added, and more and more different dishes. And around 3 or 4 Glamping was created.

Before the pandemic, the people who visited us the most were North Americans, of them, Canadians and Americans and Northern Europe, because they are lovers of ecotourism, environmentalism and hiking, they are people more likely to enjoy nature more.

At this time, we offer a diving center. The only diving center in the south, since from Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital, to Pedernales, there is no other.

We offer diving classes to children, from 8 years old. With these classes, children can gain experience in handling equipment, depths, confidence in the water. In addition, we offer the services to people who just want to see the corals.

The tents are structured in 3 lines. The first line is the one that faces the sea, it has its beach and its sea in front, the second line that faces the sea, and has access to it, and then, the third line that is the most economical of all, that has garden view, does not look at the sea or the beach, rather, it has access to all nature.

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