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The Muchas Aguas spa, a paradise full of Purity in San Cristobal!

The Muchas Aguas spa is one of the great beauties that the province of San Cristóbal has, this spa with its crystalline, beautiful and refreshing waters will allow you to spend a wonderful time, surrounded by the abundant vegetation that lives there. Besides that it is a perfect place for camping because the relaxing waters of this natural pool that make you disconnect for a long time from the City.

It is one of the great beauties that the San Cristóbal province has. This spa is located specifically in the outlet of the Valdesia dam that is fed by the Nizao River. You must go in a tall vehicle, preferably a 4×4, it is reached by the road from the municipality of Cambita Garabitos in San Cristóbal. It is only 45 minutes from Santo Domingo.

The Muchas Aguas spa began to gain notoriety among those who desperately sought to get rid of the sanitary fence. The pleasure of complicity after committing a minor illegal act produced among its visitors the euphoria of someone who wants to tell something they shouldn’t.

This is how publications on social networks proliferated, displaying Edenic puddles that invited, first to doubt, then to pay attention, to comprehensively read the captions of photos and videos posted on networks and ask for the location.

Already the dream of the residents of the municipality of Cambita Garabitos, consisting of seeing their natural resource elevated to the status of tourist attraction, was beginning to materialize. Muchas Aguas is located in the province of San Cristóbal, just 30 minutes from Santo Domingo and is reached via the Cambita Garabitos highway.

It is land owned by the Nizao River and is anchored to the eastern part of the mouth of the Valdesia dam. The relief of the terrain and the access roads are ideal for off-road vehicles, although there are many who, using cars, motorcycles and buggies, venture at least to the initial part of the spa.


When you decide to visit it, you will have a wide variety of gastronomic options offered by small restaurants in the area at prices ranging between one hundred fifty and two hundred pesos. One of those places is Mucha Agua Hotel and Restaurant. There, simple rooms have been enabled for those who decide to stay in the


From there, a route of about six hundred meters is the only thing left for motorcycles, buggies and 4X4 vehicles. If you do not have the above, you must have enough energy for a walk of at least twenty minutes, wear comfortable clothes, drink water, sunscreen and sports shoes.

This initial journey leads to the first of the large puddles known as La Estancia, it is actually one of many puddles. Those who are typical of the place, recommend visitors to go to the area on several occasions, always deciding on one of the puddles in order to enjoy them to the full.


But if adventure and your blood history of exploration and discovery emerge, La Estancia will still be the beginning of the journey. The feeling of knowing what lies beyond will push you, first of all, to the Valley of Stones. A natural border that gives access to what appears to be the jaws of a large mammal whose liquid tongue is spanned by teeth of sedimentary rock and an extensive grove of trees that seems to hold them like brackets.

Be careful, the beauty is such that you can go unnoticed through the gateways to heaven itself, as the locals call Muchas Aguas. Playing Hernán Cortés, you can name the puddles you visit as long as you can justify the name with the shape of the stones, the color of the water and the strength of the current.

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How to get to the Muchas Aguas spa: CLICK HERE!