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Jicome waterfall, San José de las Matas!

Jicome waterfall is considered one of the highest waterfalls in the municipality of San José de Las Matas and impressive in the Province of Santiago. The place is ready to camp, rest and admire the beauty of this great spring of cold and crystalline waters.

The waterfall is well hidden and difficult to access, it is recommended to be accompanied and to have a good physical condition because the path is not developed. The waterfall is lost in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees, it should be noted that part of the river is in the municipality of Monción belonging to the province of Santiago Rodríguez.

You live a beautiful experience is ideal for adventurers, to get from San José de las Matas, 1:30 hours by car, then on foot 40 min. you have to be in good physical shape to go up to the return, but once you get there you will fall in love with its charms.

Visitors to the place say that; The truth is that it is quite a journey to get to the place, there is no straight or formed path, it is so natural and little known that access is very difficult if you do not have someone to guide you. But for those adventurers, those who live in the forest or mountains love them, these images show a little the drought that the country is going through since the waterfall is diminished but it tells me that it is beautiful, beautiful when it has rained.

When you dare to go I hope you enjoy it, go in strong motors, with good physical condition, lots of water and a lot of willingness to walk, it is ideal to escape from the daily monotony doing something out of the ordinary and will make this journey something special and that you must experience.

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How to get to Jicome waterfall: